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"I Have had regular dental treatment done in a careful way and have had two dental implants over the years. Touraj Razavi did a wonderful job on each of them. I forget which of my front teeth the implant is, because the colour is such a perfect match and the gum has not receded, and all done gently and professionally. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a good dentist."

"Almost three years ago having just started University in Brighton my son William telephoned to say he was in A&E. He had been injured in a random attack whilst walking home with friends. Both his top front teeth had been knocked out. We could not believe it as only 3 months before his brace had been removed revealing perfect teeth following 4 years of orthodontic work together with corrective jaw surgery a year earlier. It was really upsetting. William had a temporary dental bridge fitted in Brighton whilst we considered the options available which at that stage was a daunting prospect. The dental bridge fell out a number of times as they are not easy to keep in.

In view of my previous experience with Touraj Razavi and trust in the dental practice as a whole I was hoping we could find a solution here in Bristol. Following an early consultation with Touraj things did not look too good. Both lateral incisors had perished as a result of the trauma and the CT scan revealed complicated teeth root positions as a result of the orthodontic movements. Following a review with Luca Moranzoin it was decided to root fill both lateral incisors. There was some concern about the bone density where the front teeth had been as well as the closeness of the slanting root filled incisors. Thankfully Touraj advised two individual implants would be best and these went in really well. I have dentist friends who say front teeth implants are not easy to do as they need to be millimetre perfect to look natural.

In May this year Touraj fitted two new implant teeth and the result was amazing. Unless you knew William’s teeth had been knocked out you would not know he had implant front teeth. The view from inside his mouth is every bit as impressive as the view from the front. Both William and I are really grateful that Touraj and Luca took such care in looking at the options, whilst advising realistically of the various issues, to enable the best long term outcome to be achieved. Just after William had been attacked we felt as if things would never be the same again. It does not feel like that now as the implants so perfectly match his original teeth. A great job by Luca, Touraj, the dental technician and the reception desk team in making the whole process so patient friendly."

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